Presentations and Videos

Percona Live 2016

Sugu and Anthony showed what it looks like to use Vitess now that Keyspace IDs can be completely hidden from the application. They gave a live demo of resharding the Guestbook sample app, which now knows nothing about shards, and explained how new features in VTGate make all of this possible.

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CoreOS Meetup, January 2016

Vitess team member Anthony Yeh's talk at the January 2016 CoreOS Meetup discussed challenges and techniques for running distributed databases within Kubernetes, followed by a deep dive into the design trade-offs of the Vitess on Kubernetes deployment templates.

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Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Vitess team member Anthony Yeh's talk at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 focused on what the Cloud Native Computing paradigm means when applied to MySQL in the cloud. The talk also included a deep dive into transparent, live resharding, one of the key features of Vitess that makes it well-adapted for a Cloud Native environment.

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Percona Live 2015

Vitess team member Anthony Yeh's talk at Percona Live 2015 provided an overview of Vitess as well as an explanation of how Vitess has evolved to live in a containerized world with Kubernetes and Docker.

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Google I/O 2014 - Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess

In this talk, Sugu Sougoumarane from the Vitess team talks about how Vitess solved YouTube's scalability problems as well as about tips and techniques used to scale with Go.