Presentations and Videos

KubeCon EU 2024 #

Vitess: Introduction, New Features and the Vinted User Story - Florent Poinsard, Deepthi Sigireddi, PlanetScale & Kazimieras Aliulis, Vinted

Percona Live 2023 #

Vitess at GitHub - Arthur Schreiber, GitHub

Continuous and Automated Performance Benchmarking for Your Database - Florent Poinsard, PlanetScale

MySQL and Vitess (and Kubernetes) at HubSpot - Jean-François Gagné & Swetha Narayanaswamy, HubSpot

KubeCon EU 2023 #

Introduction to Vitess and Real World Usage - Arthur Schreiber, GitHub & Florent Poinsard, PlanetScale

Scaling Databases at Activision - Greg Smith & Vladimir Kovacik, Activision/Blizzard

FOSDEM 2023 #

Life of a Query in Vitess - Harshit Gangal, PlanetScale

preFOSDEM MySQL Days 2023 #

How Vitess achieves Consensus with Replicated MySQL - Deepthi Sigireddi, PlanetScale

KubeCon NA 2022 #

One VTOrc To Rule Them All – High Availability In a Distributed Database System - Deepthi Sigireddi & Manan Gupta, PlanetScale

Vitess: Introduction and New Features - Deepthi Sigireddi, Matt Lord & Rohit Nayak, PlanetScale

KubeCon EU 2022 #

Scaling Databases with Vitess - Harshit Gangal & Manan Gupta, PlanetScale

Percona Live 2022 #

Vitess VReplication: Standing on the Shoulders of a MySQL Giant - Matt Lord, PlanetScale

FOSDEM 2022 #

KubeCon China 2021 #

Continuous Performance Benchmarking for Vitess - Alkin Tezuysal, Florent Poinsard & Manan Gupta, PlanetScale

KubeCon NA 2021 #

Vitess: Introduction and New Features - Deepthi Sigireddi & Alkin Tezuysal, PlanetScale; Andrew Mason & Malcolm Akinje, Slack Corp.

Percona Live 2021 #

Deploying a Sharded Vitess Sandbox Cluster in Public Cloud Kubernetes in 10 Minutes - Jordan Moldow, Box

Scaling MySQL @LinkedIn with Vitess - Apoorv Purohit and Karthik Appigatla, LinkedIn

Integrating Best of Breed Open Source Tools to Vitess: Orchestrator - Alkin Tezuysal, PlanetScale

Revertible, Recoverable Schema Migrations in Vitess - Shlomi Noach, PlanetScale

Rawkode Live #

Introduction to Vitess - Deepthi Sigireddi & Alkin Tezuysal, PlanetScale with David McKay @rawkode

Percona HOSS Talks FOSS! 2021 #

All Things Vitess, MySQL, and Sailing Passion - Alkin Tezuysal, PlanetScale

FOSDEM 2021 #

KubeCon NA 2020 #

KubeCon featured several Vitess talks, including:

Percona Live Europe Online 2020 #

Vitess Online Schema Migration Automation - Shlomi Noach, PlanetScale

CNCF Webinars 2020 #

Quarantine 2020 Database Talks, Carnegie Mellon University #

Query Planning for a Sharded System like Vitess - Sugu Sougoumarane, CTO, PlanetScale

KubeCon EU 2020 #

KubeCon featured several Vitess talks, including:

Online Demo #

A demo of the new Vitess-native Orchestrator - Sugu Sougoumarane, CTO, PlanetScale

Percona Live NA Online 2020 #

Unbounded scale: Using Vitess for scaling write intensive workloads - Morgan Tocker, PlanetScale; Daniel Guzman Burgos, Percona

CNCF Webinar 2020 #

Lizz van Dijk demonstrates how to migrate from a regular MySQL release to Vitess.

MySQL Pre-FOSDEM Day 2020 #

Lizz van Dijk presents an introduction to Vitess for MySQL users.

QCon 2019 #

Sugu Sougoumarane gives an overview of the salient features of Vitess.

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KubeCon San Diego 2019 #

KubeCon featured several Vitess talks, including:

Vitess was also featured during the CNCF project updates keynote!

Highload 2019 #

Sugu Sougoumarane presents an overview of Vitess at Highload in Moscow.

Utah Kubernetes Meetup 2019 #

Jiten Vaidya shows how you can extend Vitess to create jurisdiction-aware database clusters.

CNCF Meetup Paris 2019 #

Sugu Sougoumarane and Morgan Tocker present a three hour Vitess workshop on Kubernetes.

Percona Live Europe 2019 #

My First 90 Days with Vitess

Morgan Tocker talks about his adventures in Vitess, after having come from a MySQL background.

Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes

Sugu Sougoumarane presents an overview of running sharded MySQL on Kubernetes.

Vitess Meetup 2019 @ Slack HQ #

Vitess: New and Coming Soon!

Deepthi Sigireddi shares new features recently introduced in Vitess, and what's on the roadmap moving forward.

Deploying multi-cell Vitess

Rafael Chacon Vivas describes how Vitess is used in Slack.

Vitess at Pinterest

David Weitzman provides an overview of how Vitess is used at Pinterest.

No more Regrets

Sugu Sougoumarane demonstrates new features coming to VReplication.

Cloud Native Show 2019 #

Vitess at scale - how runs MySQL on Kubernetes

Derek Perkins joins the Cloud Native show and explains how Nozzle uses Vitess.

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CNCF Webinar 2019 #

Vitess: Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes

Sugu Sougoumarane provides an overview of Vitess for Kubernetes users.

Kubecon China 2019 #

How JD.Com runs the World's Largest Vitess

Xuhaihua and Jin Ke Xie present on their experience operating the largest known Vitess cluster, two years in.

RootConf 2019 #

OLTP or OLAP: why not both?

Jiten Vaidya from PlanetScale explains how you can use both OLTP and OLAP on Vitess.

KubeCon EU 2019 #

Vitess Intro

Deepthi Sigireddi and Sugu Sougoumarane of PlanetScale give an introduction to Vitess.

Vitess Deep Dive

Jiten Vaidya and Dan Kozlowski from PlanetScale deep dive on Vitess.

Percona Live Austin 2019 #

Vitess: Running Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes

Sugu Sougoumarane shows how you can run sharded MySQL on Kubernetes.

MySQL, Kubernetes, Business & Enterprise

David Cohen (Intel), Steve Shaw (Intel) and Jiten Vaidya (PlanetScale) discuss Open Source cloud native databases.

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Velocity New York 2018 #

Smooth scaling: Slack’s journey toward a new database

Slack has experienced tremendous growth for a young company, serving over nine million weekly active customers. But with great growth comes greater growth pains. Slack’s rapid growth over the last few years outpaced the scaling capacity of its original sharded MySQL database, which negatively impacted the company’s customers and engineers.

Ameet Kotian explains how a small team of engineers embarked on a journey for the right database solution, which eventually led them to Vitess, a powerful open source database cluster solution for MySQL. Vitess combines the features of MySQL with the scalability of a NoSQL database. It has been serving Youtube’s traffic for numerous years and has a strong community.

Although Vitess meets a lot of Slack’s needs, it’s not an out-of-the-box solution. Ameet shares how the journey to Vitess was planned and executed, with little customer impact, in the face of piling operational challenges, such as AWS issues, MySQL replication, automatic failovers, deployments strategies, and so forth. Ameet also covers Vitess’s architecture, trade-offs, and what the future of Vitess looks like at Slack.

Ameet Kotkian, senior storage operations engineer at Slack, shows us how Slack uses Vitess.

Percona Live Europe 2017 #

Migrating to Vitess at (Slack) Scale

Slack is embarking on a major migration of the MySQL infrastructure at the core of our service to use Vitess' flexible sharding and management instead of our simple application-based shard routing and manual administration. This effort is driven by the need for an architecture that scales to meet the growing demands of our largest customers and features under the pressure to maintain a stable and performant service that executes billions of MySQL transactions per hour. This talk will present the driving motivations behind the change, why Vitess won out as the best option, and how we went about laying the groundwork for the switch. Finally, we will discuss some challenges and surprises (both good and bad) found during our initial migration efforts, and suggest some ways in which the Vitess ecosystem can improve that will aid future migration efforts.

Michael Demmer shows us how, at Percona Live Europe 2017.

Vitess Deep Dive sessions #

Start with session 1 and work your way through the playlist. This series focuses on the V3 engine of VTGate.

Percona Live 2016 #

Sugu and Anthony showed what it looks like to use Vitess now that Keyspace IDs can be completely hidden from the application. They gave a live demo of resharding the Guestbook sample app, which now knows nothing about shards, and explained how new features in VTGate make all of this possible.

CoreOS Meetup, January 2016 #

Vitess team member Anthony Yeh's talk at the January 2016 CoreOS Meetup discussed challenges and techniques for running distributed databases within Kubernetes, followed by a deep dive into the design trade-offs of the Vitess on Kubernetes deployment templates.

Please note the Vitess on Kubernetes deployment templates were removed as of February 27, 2020.

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 #

Vitess team member Anthony Yeh's talk at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 focused on what the Cloud Native Computing paradigm means when applied to MySQL in the cloud. The talk also included a deep dive into transparent, live resharding, one of the key features of Vitess that makes it well-adapted for a Cloud Native environment.

Percona Live 2015 #

Vitess team member Anthony Yeh's talk at Percona Live 2015 provided an overview of Vitess as well as an explanation of how Vitess has evolved to live in a containerized world with Kubernetes and Docker.

Google I/O 2014 - Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess #

In this talk, Sugu Sougoumarane from the Vitess team talks about how Vitess solved YouTube's scalability problems as well as about tips and techniques used to scale with Go.