Low level command to run a query on vreplication related tables

Command #

VReplicationExec [-json] <tablet alias> <sql command>

Description #

The VReplicationExec command is used to view or manage vreplication streams. More details are here. You would typically use one of the higher-level commands like the WorkFlow command accomplish the same task.

Parameters #

-json #


The output of the command is json formatted: to be readable by scripts.

tablet alias #


Id of the target tablet on which to run the sql query, specified using the vitess tablet id format cell-uid (see example below).

sql query #


SQL query which will be run: validations are done to ensure that queries can be run only against vreplication tables. A limited set of queries are allowed.

Example #

vtctlclient  VReplicationExec 'zone1-100' 'select * from _vt.vreplication'