Materialize <json_spec>


Materialize is a low level vreplication API that allows for generalized materialization of tables. The target tables can be copies, aggregations or views. The target tables are kept in sync in near-realtime.

You can specify multiple tables to materialize using the json_spec parameter.


JSON spec details

  • workflow name to refer to this materialization
  • source_keyspace keyspace containing the source table
  • target_keyspace keyspace to materialize to
  • table_settings list of views to be materialized and the associated query
    • target_table name of table to which to materialize the data to
    • source_expression the materialization query


Materialize '{"workflow": "product_sales", "source_keyspace": "commerce", "target_keyspace": "customer", 
    "table_settings": [{"target_table": "sales_by_sku", 
    "source_expression": "select sku, count(*), sum(price) from corder group by order_id"}]}'

A Materialize Workflow

Once you decide on your materialization requirements, you need to initiate a VReplication workflow as follows:

  1. Initiate the migration using Materialize
  2. Monitor the workflow using Workflow or VExec
  3. Start accessing your views once the workflow has started Replicating


There are special commands to perform common materialization tasks and you should prefer them to using Materialize directly.

  • If you just want to copy tables to a different keyspace use MoveTables.
  • If you want to change sharding strategies use Reshard instead