PR Naming Conventions

A naming convention for GitHub pull requests

Background #

There's a clear need of improving GitHub naming conventions for the following sections.

  • Pull Request Naming
  • Branch Naming
  • Commit Message Naming
  • Tag Naming
  • Label Addition

Feature #

The most problematic area we see is the Pull Request Naming Convention and Labels hence we'd like to come up with guidelines and once agreed by maintainers provide a Template that will help streamline the above areas.

For Issue Templates please refer to this section.

Solution #

Naming Convention #

The suggested solution would be creating general guidelines for this naming convention update.

  • Short and descriptive summary
  • End with corresponding ticket/story id (e.g., GitHub issue, etc.)
  • Should be capitalized and written in imperative present tense
  • Not end with a period

Consists of three parts: #

  • Title: Short informative summary of the pull request
  • #[Issue_ID]
  • Description: More detailed explanatory text describing the PR for the reviewer

Suggested Format: Description #[Ticket_ID] Example: Fix where clause in information schema with correct database name #6599

Description: #

  • Separated with a blank line from the subject
  • Explain what, why, etc.
  • Max 72 chars
  • Each paragraph capitalized
  • Example and/or Reproduce steps
Overview of the Issue
The query sent down from VTGate to Vttablet does not replace the where clause of the information schema queries for table_schema = 'keyspace' to table_schema = 'databasename'

Reproduction Steps
Steps to reproduce this issue, for example:

Deploy the following vschema:

  "sharded": false,
  "tables": {

Labels #

Two class of labels have been created and 1 label from each class must be added to all the pull requests. The two classes and the corresponding labels are as follows :-

  • Component

    • Build/CI
    • Cluster Management
    • Java
    • Observability
    • Query Serving
    • VReplication
    • VTAdmin
    • vttestserver
  • Type

    • Announcement
    • Bug
    • CI/Build
    • Documentation
    • Enhancement
    • Feature Request
    • Internal Cleanup
    • Performance
    • Question
    • RFC
    • Testing

Additionally, other labels may be added as appropriate.

Other Suggestions #

  • How to write good pull requests via GitHub templates link

Call for feedback #

We're looking for the community's feedback on the above suggestions/flow. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond!