Wrapper on VReplication to perform common actions on a workflow

Command #

Workflow  -- [--dry_run] <keyspace.workflow> <action>

Description #

Workflow is a convenience command for useful actions on a workflow that you can use instead of actually specifying a query to VReplication.

Parameters #

--dry_run #

default false

You can do a dry run where no actual action is taken but the command logs all the actions that would be taken by the Workflow.

keyspace.workflow #


Name of target keyspace and the associated workflow to take action on.

action #


The Action is one of:
  • stop: sets the state of the workflow to Stopped: no further vreplication will happen until workflow is restarted
  • start: restarts a Stopped workflow
  • delete: removes the entries for this workflow in the _vt.vreplication table
  • show: returns a JSON object with details about the associated shards and also with all the columns from the _vt.vreplication table
  • listall: returns a comma separated list of all running workflows in a keyspace
  • tags: a comma-separated list of key:value pairs that are used to tag the workflow

Example #

vtctlclient  Workflow keyspace1.workflow1 stop
vtctlclient  Workflow keyspace1.workflow1 show
vtctlclient  Workflow keyspace1 listall