Cleans up after a MoveTables and Reshard workflow

Command #

DropSources -- [--dry_run] [--rename_tables] [--keep_data] <keyspace.workflow>

Description #

Once SwitchWrites has been run DropSources cleans up the source resources by deleting the source tables for a MoveTables workflow or source shards for a Reshard workflow. It also cleans up other artifacts of the workflow, deleting forward and reverse replication streams and blacklisted tables.

Warning: This command actually deletes data. We recommend that you run this with the --dry_run parameter first and reads its output so that you know which actions will be performed.

Parameters #

--rename_tables #

default all

Only applies for a MoveTables workflow. Instead of deleting the tables in the source it renames them using the template _<tableName>_old, the same scheme followed by pt-osc

--dry-run #

default false

You can do a dry run where no actual action is taken but the command logs all the actions that would be taken by SwitchReads.

--keep_data #

default false

Usually, the source data (tables or shards) are deleted by Complete. If this flag is used, for MoveTables, source tables will not be deleted, for Reshard, source shards will not be dropped.

keyspace.workflow #


Name of target keyspace and the associated workflow to run VDiff on.