Link an external cluster to the current one

This documentation is for a new (v2) set of vtctld commands that start in Vitess 11.0. See RFC for more details.

Command #

Mount [-type vitess] [-topo_type=etcd2|consul|zookeeper] [-topo_server=topo_url]
    [-topo_root=root_topo_node> [-unmount] [-list] [-show]  [<cluster_name>]

Description #

Mount is used to link external Vitess clusters to the current cluster. (In the future we will also support mounting external MySQL servers.)

Mounting Vitess clusters requires the topology information of the external cluster to be specified. Used in conjunction with the Migrate command.

No validation is performed when using the Mount command. You must ensure your values are correct, or you may get errors when initializing a migration.

Parameters #

cluster_name #

The name that will be used in VReplication workflows to refer to the mounted cluster. Required when mounting, unmounting or getting details of a cluster.

unmount #

Unmount an already mounted cluster. Requires cluster_name to be specified.

show #

Show details of an already mounted cluster. Requires cluster_name to be specified.

list #

List all mounted clusters

Topo parameters #

topo_type=[etcd2|consul|zookeeper] #
topo_server=<topo_url> #
topo_root=<root_topo_node> #

Mandatory (and only specified) while mounting a Vitess cluster. These should specify the topology parameters of the cluster being mounted.