vtctl Topo Command Reference

The following vtctl commands are available for administering Topology Services.

Commands #

TopoCat #

Retrieves the file(s) at <path> from the topo service, and displays it. It can resolve wildcards, and decode the proto-encoded data.

Example #

TopoCat [-cell <cell>] [-decode_proto] [-long] <path> [<path>...]

Flags #

cellstringtopology cell to cat the file from. Defaults to global cell.
decode_protoBooleandecode proto files and display them as text
longBooleanlong listing.

Arguments #

  • <cell> – Required. A cell is a location for a service. Generally, a cell resides in only one cluster. In Vitess, the terms "cell" and "data center" are interchangeable. The argument value is a string that does not contain whitespace.
  • <path> – Required.
  • <path>. – Optional.

Errors #

  • <TopoCat>: no path specified This error occurs if the command is not called with at least one argument.
  • <TopoCat>: invalid wildcards: %v
  • <TopoCat>: some paths had errors

TopoCp #

TopoCp  [-cell <cell>] [-to_topo] <src> <dst>

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