Wrapper on VReplicationExec to run query on all participating primary tablets

Command #

VExec  [-dry_run] <keyspace.workflow> <query>

Description #

VExec is a wrapper over VReplicationExec. Given a workflow it executes the provided query on all primary tablets in the target keyspace that participate in the workflow. Internally it calls VReplicationExec for running the query.

Parameters #

-dry-run #

default false

You can do a dry run where no actual action is taken but the command logs the queries and the tablets on which the query would be run. by VExec.

keyspace.workflow #


Name of target keyspace and the associated workflow

sql query #


SQL query to be run: validations are done to ensure that queries can be run only against vreplication tables. A limited set of queries are allowed.

Example #

vtctlclient VExec keyspace1.workflow1 'select * from _vt.vreplication'