--- Cancel

Tear down a workflow where no traffic has been switched

This documentation is for a new (v2) set of vtctld commands that start in Vitess 11.0. See RFC for more details.

Command #

MoveTables/Reshard [-keep_data] Cancel <targetKs.workflow>

Description #

Cancel can be used if a workflow was created in error or was misconfigured and you prefer to create a new workflow instead of fixing this one. Cancel can only be called if no traffic has been switched. It removes vreplication-related artifacts like rows from vreplication and copy_state tables in the side-car _vt database and routing rules and blacklisted tables from the topo and, by default, the target tables/shards from the target keyspace.

Parameters #

-keep_data #

default false

Usually, the target data (tables or shards) are deleted by Cancel. If this flag is used with MoveTables, target tables will not be deleted and, with Reshard, target shards will not be dropped.