--- ReverseTraffic

Reverse traffic from target to source

This documentation is for a new (v2) set of vtctld commands that start in Vitess 11.0. See RFC for more details.

Command #

MoveTables/Reshard [-tablet_types <tablet_types_csv>] [-cells <cells>]
  [-timeout=timeoutDuration] [-dry_run]
  ReverseTraffic <targetKs.workflow>

Description #

ReverseTraffic switches traffic in the reverse direction for the tablet_types specified. The traffic should have been previously switched forward using SwitchTraffic for the cells/tablet_types specified.

Parameters #

-cells #

default all cells

A comma-separated list of cell names or cell aliases. Traffic will be reversed only in these cells for the specified tablet types.

-tablet_types #

default all (replica,rdonly,primary)

A comma-separated list of tablet types for which traffic is to be reversed. One or more from primary, replica, rdonly.

Note: ReverseTraffic expects the -tablet_types to be lower case.

-timeout #

default 30s

For primary tablets, ReverseTraffic first stops writes on the target primary and waits for the replication on the source to catchup with the gtid on the target where the writes were stopped. If the wait time is longer than timeout the command will error out. For setups with high write qps you may need to increase this value.

-dry-run #

default false

You can do a dry run where no actual action is taken but the command logs all the actions that would be taken by ReverseTraffic.