Validating schema migrations using `VDiff`

VDiff ( is a Vitess tool that performs a row by row comparison of all tables associated with a VReplication workflow. Vitess-managed schema migrations (aka Online DDL) use VReplication workflows to perform the transformation from the existing schema to the desired schema. Since the Online DDL is also a VReplication workflow, we can use VDiff to validate that the transformed table and original table are in sync.

VDiffs can only be run on schema migrations created with the --postpone-completion flag. You should run VDiff once your schema migration has its ready_to_complete set to 1.

Here is an example of how you can run a VDiff on a schema migration:

  1. Start the migration: we are altering table t1 in the customer keyspace.
$ vtctldclient ApplySchema --ddl-strategy vitess --postpone-completion --sql "alter table t1 add column extra1 int not null 
default 0" customer
  1. Use the Show command to confirm that ready_to_complete is 1.
mysql> show vitess_migrations like 'a2994c92_f1d4_11ea_afa3_f875a4d24e90' \G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
                             id: 1
                 migration_uuid: a2994c92_f1d4_11ea_afa3_f875a4d24e90
                       keyspace: customer
              ready_to_complete: 1
  1. Run the VDiff command. The name of the VReplication workflow is the same as Online DDL's uuid.
vtctldclient VDiff --target-keyspace customer --workflow a2994c92_f1d4_11ea_afa3_f875a4d24e90 Create

VDiff a35b0006-e6d9-416e-bea9-917795dc5bf3 scheduled on target shards, use show to view progress
  1. Monitor VDiff progress/status.
vtctldclient VDiff --target-keyspace customer --workflow Show a2994c92_f1d4_11ea_afa3_f875a4d24e90

VDiff Summary for customer.commerce2customer (a2994c92_f1d4_11ea_afa3_f875a4d24e90)
State:        completed
RowsCompared: 196872
HasMismatch:  false
StartedAt:    2024-03-26 22:44:29
CompletedAt:  2024-03-26 22:54:31

Use "--format=json" for more detailed output.

You should see HasMismatch: false unless there is a bug in Vitess, in which case please post on Vitess Slack and/or create an issue at

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Validating schema migrations using `VDiff`