Managing Backups

vtctldclient provides two commands for managing backups:

  • GetBackups displays the existing backups for a keyspace/shard in chronological order.

    vtctldclient --server=<vtctld_host>:<vtctld_port> GetBackups <keyspace/shard>
  • RemoveBackup deletes a specified backup for a keyspace/shard.

    vtctldclient --server=<vtctld_host>:<vtctld_port> RemoveBackup <keyspace/shard> <backup name>

You can also confirm your backup finished by viewing the files in your configured --<engine>_backup_storage_root location. You will still need to test and verify these backups for completeness. Note that backups are stored by keyspace and shard under --<engine>_backup_storage_root. For example, when using --file_backup_storage_root=/vt/vtdataroot/backups:

backup.xbstream.gz  MANIFEST

Each backup contains a manifest file with general information about the backup:

MySQL 8.0 xbstream Manifest
  "BackupMethod": "xtrabackup",
  "Position": "MySQL56/c022ad67-81fc-11eb-aa0e-1c1bb572885f:1-50",
  "BackupTime": "2021-03-11T00:01:37Z",
  "FinishedTime": "2021-03-11T00:01:42Z",
  "FileName": "backup.xbstream.gz",
  "ExtraCommandLineParams": "--no-server-version-check",
  "StreamMode": "xbstream",
  "NumStripes": 0,
  "StripeBlockSize": 102400,
  "SkipCompress": false

Managing Backups