vttlstest CreateSignedCert #

Create signed certificate

Synopsis #

Create signed certificate

vttlstest CreateSignedCert [--root <dir>] [--parent <name>] [--serial <serial>] [--common-name <CN>] <cert name>

Examples #

CreateSignedCert --root /tmp --common-name --parent postman1

Options #

      --common-name string   Common name for the certificate. If empty, uses the name.
  -h, --help                 help for CreateSignedCert
      --parent string        Parent cert name to use. Use 'ca' for the toplevel CA. (default "ca")
      --serial string        Serial number for the certificate to create. Should be different for two certificates with the same parent. (default "01")

Options inherited from parent commands #

      --root string   root directory for all artifacts (default ".")


  • vttlstest - vttlstest is a tool for generating test certificates, keys, and related artifacts for TLS tests.