vtctldclient UpdateThrottlerConfig #

Update the tablet throttler configuration for all tablets in the given keyspace (across all cells)

vtctldclient UpdateThrottlerConfig [--enable|--disable] [--threshold=<float64>] [--custom-query=<query>] [--check-as-check-self|--check-as-check-shard] [--throttle-app|unthrottle-app=<name>] [--throttle-app-ratio=<float, range [0..1]>] [--throttle-app-duration=<duration>] <keyspace>

Options #

      --check-as-check-self              /throttler/check requests behave as is /throttler/check-self was called
      --check-as-check-shard             use standard behavior for /throttler/check requests
      --custom-query string              custom throttler check query
      --disable                          Disable the throttler
      --enable                           Enable the throttler
  -h, --help                             help for UpdateThrottlerConfig
      --threshold float                  threshold for the either default check (replication lag seconds) or custom check
      --throttle-app string              an app name to throttle
      --throttle-app-duration duration   duration after which throttled app rule expires (app specififed in --throttled-app) (default 1h0m0s)
      --throttle-app-exempt              exempt this app from being at all throttled. WARNING: use with extreme care, as this is likely to push metrics beyond the throttler's threshold, and starve other apps
      --throttle-app-ratio float         ratio to throttle app (app specififed in --throttled-app) (default 1)
      --unthrottle-app string            an app name to unthrottle

Options inherited from parent commands #

      --action_timeout duration              timeout to use for the command (default 1h0m0s)
      --compact                              use compact format for otherwise verbose outputs
      --server string                        server to use for the connection (required)
      --topo-global-root string              the path of the global topology data in the global topology server (default "/vitess/global")
      --topo-global-server-address strings   the address of the global topology server(s) (default [localhost:2379])
      --topo-implementation string           the topology implementation to use (default "etcd2")


  • vtctldclient - Executes a cluster management command on the remote vtctld server.