OnlineDDL show

vtctldclient OnlineDDL show #

Display information about online DDL operations.

vtctldclient OnlineDDL show

Examples #

OnlineDDL show test_keyspace 82fa54ac_e83e_11ea_96b7_f875a4d24e90
OnlineDDL show test_keyspace all
OnlineDDL show --order descending test_keyspace all
OnlineDDL show --limit 10 test_keyspace all
OnlineDDL show --skip 5 --limit 10 test_keyspace all
OnlineDDL show test_keyspace running
OnlineDDL show test_keyspace complete
OnlineDDL show test_keyspace failed

Options #

  -h, --help         help for show
      --json         Output JSON instead of human-readable table.
      --limit uint   Limit number of rows returned in output.
      --order id     Sort the results by id property of the Schema migration. (default "asc")
      --skip uint    Skip specified number of rows returned in output.

Options inherited from parent commands #

      --action_timeout duration              timeout to use for the command (default 1h0m0s)
      --compact                              use compact format for otherwise verbose outputs
      --server string                        server to use for the connection (required)
      --topo-global-root string              the path of the global topology data in the global topology server (default "/vitess/global")
      --topo-global-server-address strings   the address of the global topology server(s) (default [localhost:2379])
      --topo-implementation string           the topology implementation to use (default "etcd2")