Running with Vitess Operator

How to configure Vitess Kubernetes Operator to run VTOrc

Get Started #

The Vitess operator deploys one VTOrc instance for each keyspace that it is configured for. Please look at the VTOrc reference page to know all the flags that VTOrc accepts.

Configuring VTOrc in Vitess Operator #

The VTOrc can be configured to run for a given keyspace by specifying the vitessOrchestrator specification as part of the keyspace spec. Resource limits and requests can be specified as part of the configuration and the default behaviour of VTOrc can be changed by specifying any desired flags in the extraFlags field.

The VTOrc UI runs on the port 15000 of the container and port-forwarding can be setup to access it.

Example Configuration #

An example deployment from the VTOrc end to end test on the Vitess Operator looks like:

  - name: commerce
    durabilityPolicy: semi_sync
    turndownPolicy: Immediate
          memory: 128Mi
          cpu: 100m
          memory: 128Mi
        recovery-period-block-duration: 5s

The full configuration file is available here.