Flags #

These flags are provided to the vtadmin process. They are also referenced in cmd/vtadmin/main.go.

Common flags #

addrRequiredstring":15000"The address for vtadmin to serve on.
lame-duck-durationOptionaltime.Duration"5s"The length of the lame duck period at shutdown.
lmux-read-timeoutOptionaltime.Duration"1s"How long to spend connection muxing.

Cluster config flags #

One of cluster, cluster-defaults, or cluster-config file is required. Multiple configurations are permitted; precedence is noted below.

clusterPer-cluster configuration. Any values here take precedence over those defined by the cluster-defaults and/or cluster-config flags.
cluster-configPath to a yaml cluster configuration; for reference, see the example clusters.yaml.
cluster-defaultsDefault options for all clusters.
enable-dynamic-clustersDefaults to false. Whether to enable dynamic clusters that are set by request header cookies or gRPC metadata.

Tracing flags #

grpc-tracingOptionalbooleanfalseIf true, enables tracing on the gRPC server.
http-tracingOptionalbooleanfalseIf true, enables tracing on the HTTP server.
tracerOptionalstring"noop"Which tracing service to use; see go/trace/trace.go.
tracing-enable-loggingOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to enable logging in the tracing service; see go/trace/trace.go.
tracing-sampling-typeOptionalstring-Sampling strategy to use for jaeger. Possible values are "const", "probabilistic", "rateLimiting", or "remote"; see go/trace/plugin_jaeger.go.
tracing-sampling-rateOptionalfloat0.1Sampling rate for the probabilistic jaeger sampler; see go/trace/plugin_jaeger.go.

gRPC server flags #

grpc-allow-reflectionOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to register the gRPC server for reflection; this is required to use tools like grpc_cli.
grpc-enable-channelzOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to enable the channelz service on the gRPC server.

HTTP server flags #

http-originRequiredstring-repeated, comma-separated flag of allowed CORS origins. omit to disable CORS
http-metrics-endpointRecommendedstring"/metrics"HTTP endpoint to expose prometheus metrics on. Omit to disable scraping metrics. Using a path used by VTAdmin's http API is unsupported and causes undefined behavior.
http-tablet-url-tmplRecommendedstring"https://{{ .Tablet.Hostname }}:80"Go template string to generate a reachable http(s) address for a tablet. Currently used to make passthrough requests to /debug/vars endpoints. Example: "https://{{ .Tablet.Hostname }}:80"
http-debug-omit-envOptionalbooleanfalseThe name of an environment variable to omit from /debug/env, if http debug endpoints are enabled. Specify multiple times to omit multiple env vars.
http-debug-sanitize-envOptionalstring-The name of an environment variable to sanitize in /debug/env, if http debug endpoints are enabled. Specify multiple times to sanitize multiple env vars.
http-no-compressOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to disable compression of HTTP API responses.
http-no-debugOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to disable /debug/pprof/* and /debug/env HTTP endpoints

RBAC flags #

If using RBAC, both the --rbac and --rbac-config flags must be set. If not using RBAC, the --no-rbac must be set.

no-rbacOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to disable RBAC.
rbacOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to enable RBAC.
rbac-configOptionalstring-Path to an RBAC config file. Must be set if passing --rbac.

glog flags #

See https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/golang/glog.

logtostderrOptionalbooleanfalseIf true, logs are written to standard error instead of to files.
alsologtostderrOptionalbooleanfalseIf true, logs are written to standard error as well as to files.
stderrthresholdOptionalstringERRORLog events at or above this severity are logged to standard error as well as to files.
log_dirOptionalstring-Log files will be written to this directory instead of the default temporary directory.
vOptionalint0Enable V-leveled logging at the specified level.