MoveTables switchtraffic

vtctldclient MoveTables switchtraffic #

Switch traffic for a MoveTables VReplication workflow.

vtctldclient MoveTables switchtraffic

Examples #

vtctldclient --server localhost:15999 MoveTables --workflow commerce2customer --target-keyspace customer switchtraffic --tablet-types "replica,rdonly"

Options #

  -c, --cells strings                          Cells and/or CellAliases to switch traffic in.
      --dry-run                                Print the actions that would be taken and report any known errors that would have occurred.
      --enable-reverse-replication             Setup replication going back to the original source keyspace to support rolling back the traffic cutover. (default true)
  -h, --help                                   help for switchtraffic
      --initialize-target-sequences            When moving tables from an unsharded keyspace to a sharded keyspace, initialize any sequences that are being used on the target when switching writes.
      --max-replication-lag-allowed duration   Allow traffic to be switched only if VReplication lag is below this. (default 30s)
      --tablet-types strings                   Tablet types to switch traffic for.
      --timeout duration                       Specifies the maximum time to wait, in seconds, for VReplication to catch up on primary tablets. The traffic switch will be cancelled on timeout. (default 30s)

Options inherited from parent commands #

      --action_timeout duration   timeout for the total command (default 1h0m0s)
      --format string             The format of the output; supported formats are: text,json. (default "text")
      --server string             server to use for connection (required)
      --target-keyspace string    Target keyspace for this workflow.
  -w, --workflow string           The workflow you want to perform the command on.