Vitess releases version 2.1

Vitess releases version 2.1

The Vitess project is proud to announce the release of version 2.1. This version comes packed with new features that improve usability, availability and resilience of the overall system.

The release coincides with the Percona Live 2017 Conference, where project co-founder Sugu Sougoumarane will give the talk "Vitess beyond YouTube".

He is joined by Robert Navarro from Stitch Labs  who is going to describe how Stitch Labs uses Vitess in production.

Version 2.0 introduced a sharding agnostic API to the world. This allowed clients to connect to Vitess and send queries as if it was a single database engine. However, questions remained about the atomicity of transactions that spanned multiple shards or keyspaces. With 2.1, you can now request such transactions go through the Two-Phase Commit (2PC) protocol that gives you all-or-none cross-database commits.

Another noteworthy new feature is the support for the native MySQL protocol. This allows users to trivially repoint their application to a Vitess instance without any code modifications. Over the next few months, this protocol will be solidified and made a first class citizen of the Vitess API.

We would like to thank our community for their contributions. Several companies have adopted Vitess, provided extensive feedback and submitted major code changes. For example, Hubspot extended the SQL parser and BetterCloud added TLS support in the JDBC driver.

The full list of new features in 2.1 and upgrade instructions can be found in the release notes.

About Vitess #

Vitess strives to be be the best performing, scalable and most available NewSQL storage solution in the Cloud based on MySQL. It has been battle-hardened by serving YouTube’s video metadata traffic for over six years now. Since its inception it was developed as an open-source project, and has a growing community of users and contributors.

About Percona Live #

The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017 is the premier event for the diverse and active open source database community, as well as businesses that develop and use open source database software. The conferences have a technical focus with an emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other open source databases. Tackling subjects such as analytics, architecture and design, security, operations, scalability and performance, Percona Live provides in-depth discussions for your high-availability, IoT, cloud, big data and other changing business needs.